Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Earth and Beyond!

This afternoon we have started off our Earth and Beyond topic.

First we wrote down everything we knew about Space.  We then generated some questions which we would like to find out the answers to during our topic.

We are all really excited about getting started!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Cricket skills

Year 4 played a series of cricket matches with each other this afternoon. Lots of skills were practised and learned such as batting skills, accuracy of throwing and fielding: catching skills.

Guided Reading in Year 4

This morning was similar to most other mornings... We had a guided reading lesson. Let's hear from some of our class mates.

Mia said, "Guided Reading is a fun activity in the morning where we have different activities to do."

Kian said, "In Guided Reading, we learn about what different things mean and how to pronounce different words."

Millie said, "Guided Reading helps us to read different texts and to get a taste of different genres."

Neve said, " We all have fun in Guided Reading. It isn't just about reading; it's about having fun!"

Sports Day!

Last week was Sports Day. Have a look at some of the races we took part in!

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Anderson shelters

Over the past few weeks our class has been preparing for our big DT project...making Anderson shelters! The cardboard boxes that have been cluttering up our classroom have been transformed into fantastic replica air raid shelters.
I was pleased to see lots of fantastic teamwork from the children..well done Year 4!

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Water Resistance

We investigated water resistance this afternoon.

Mia said: 'The pointy shapes will travel through water more quickly'.

Heather said: 'A bigger surface area makes it easier for the water to push it'.

Which shape was the quickest? Why?

Acute, Right or Obtuse?

Today we found and made different angles.

We made numbers out of sticks and labelled the different types of angle.

Which angles can you see?