Wednesday, 25 September 2013

3D Shape Hunt

Over the past two days we have been investigating 3D shapes and their properties. We are really good at recognising and naming the main 3D shapes such as cylinder, cube and sphere. Whilst some of us stayed in the classroom using polydron to make 3D shape nets, some children went on a 'shape hunt' around school to see how many 3D shapes are around us every day.

Can you name these 3D shapes? How many faces, edges and corners do they have?

Shape Hunters on PhotoPeach


  1. Dear Year 4,

    We thought your photos were very creative! We saw a rectangular prism, a sphere, a cube and a triangular prism. We plan take pictures around our school to see what shapes we can find. Thank you for the good idea!

    Your friends,
    Mrs. Hamman's Class

    1. Thanks mrs.Hammans for comeing on to our blog!!!!

      from Abbie year 4