Monday, 23 September 2013

A bedroom in a shoe box: Creating our mood boards.

We thought about colours and fabrics and items we would have in our ideal bedrooms.
We used all these ides to create our mood boards.

We used magazine cuttings and colouring pencils to create our mood boards.
What would you have in your ideal bedroom?



  1. Dear Fieldhead Carr School,

    We had a good time brainstorming all the things we would like to have in our ideal bedroom! Here are some of our ideas:

    -A comfortable bed covered with pillows, with a bunkbed so friends could spend the night. We thought it would be great if the bed could make itself!
    -A mini refrigerator stocked with drinks and snacks
    -A dresser which folds and puts away clothes automatically
    -A computer to choose our outfits, attached to a 3D printer which could print out clothes we designed
    -Video games built into the wall
    -Glow in the dark furniture
    -A personal en suite bathroom

    You gave us the idea of writing a story set in our ideal bedroom. Thank you for starting our imaginations!

    Your friends,
    Mrs. Hamman's Class

  2. Hello,

    We really liked your blog on ideal bedrooms. We thought it was cool that you brainstormed ideas and we did the same thing. Here are some of the things we might like in our ideal bedrooms.

    -A big bookshelf
    -A skate park
    -A dog day care
    -A dresser for a TV
    -A game that includes TV and Videogames
    -A secret pathway to other rooms in the house
    -A hammock or swing to read on
    -A fridge
    -A bacon cooker

    Some of us are going to write a blog on our blog about our ideal bedroom.

    Your friends,
    Ms. Bettess' class

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