Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Busy Day!

We have had another action packed day in Year 4.

In maths, we were learning how to sort shapes into Venn and Carroll Diagrams, using our own right-angle munchers to find out which shapes had right angles.

For our multi-faceted learning our activities included creating an information poster about a Hindu Mandir, and ordering houses through history.

What have you learnt today?

Miss Carr Another fantastic day on PhotoPeach


  1. Today I leart that a triangle dos not have a right angle.from charlie.

  2. I like using venn and caral diagramas.from charlie.

  3. I learnt right angles and it was very fun! Form Abbie xxxx

  4. I learnt about double bubble and it was fun and angles.

    from charlie knowlesxxxxx

  5. i loved doing the venn diagrams and caral diagrams it was very fun. I also liked doing the symmetry i love year 4 its the best class ever and i love miss carr and miss kitchen.

    By Lucyxxx